EPIC Marketing Program™

Take Control of Your Marketing
and Achieve Predictable Growth
in 4 Months

Are you ready to become an epic company?

Do you have a great product, know your customers well, and want to accelerate your company’s growth? Are you struggling to generate consistent results from your marketing efforts and relying on organic growth?

Our proven marketing program has helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs and B2B tech companies implement an effective and predictable marketing strategy to position themselves as leaders in their markets. In just 4 months, we’ll work with you to:

Program Structure

The EPIC Marketing Program is designed to help B2B technology companies implement an effective and predictable marketing strategy that positions them as leaders in their markets, generates high-quality leads, and accelerates their growth.The  program is divided into four phases, each with a specific focus:

Phase 1

4 weeks


We analyze your market together to define the optimal segment to work on to achieve your goals.

Phase 2

4 weeks


Create a clear communication strategy focused on converting your potential clients.

Phase 3

4 weeks


Implement and launch a marketing strategy that allows you to grow your business in a predictable way.

Phase 4

4 weeks


We test, validate, and scale your marketing strategy with continuous monitoring and optimization.

By the end of our program, you’ll have a clear and compelling marketing strategy, a deep understanding of your target audience, and the tools and resources to accelerate your growth and position your business as a leader in your market.

Your Team

Our program is led by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to helping your business achieve its goals.

Program Director

B.Eng Industrial Engineering
PgCert SEO, SEM & Analytics
M. Mkt Sales & Marketing Management

Creative Director

B.A., Hons Audiovisual communication, cinematography, film and video production.

Implementation Director

B.Eng Computer Science
Full-stack Web development
PhP | Laravel | Phyton

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Our Commitment

Helping you achieve your goals, every step of the way

Take control of your marketing

You’ll have the tools, training, and processes to generate predictable sales without depending on anyone, even us.

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The program is designed for busy CEOs, CSOs, and CMOs. The required dedication is 4 hours per week for 3 months.

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