Angel Alejandre, CEO of Star Robotics, during a podcast recording at the Suitbro Studio
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Surveillance Robots with Angel Alejandre, CEO of Star Robotics

In this edition of the podcast, Angel Alejandre, founder of Star Robotics, is interviewed. Angel details the origins of the company, which began in 2016 with public funding and technological developments focused on mobile robotics. He discusses the initial challenges and the importance of developing solutions with real customer feedback. He explains the applications of their robot, Watchbot, which is designed for security tasks and industrial inspection. Angel also shares the differences between wheeled and quadruped robots, highlighting the advantages of prolonged operation and the adaptability of Watchbot in various environments. The impact of artificial intelligence on their products and future trends in robotics are addressed, emphasizing specialization over generalist androids. Additionally, Angel mentions their internationalization efforts and custom projects they are developing, including a robotic assistant for people with disabilities. He concludes by discussing their current fundraising round through the crowdfunding platform Sego Finance.