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Angel Alejandre, CEO of Star Robotics, during a podcast recording at the Suitbro Studio

Surveillance Robots with Angel Alejandre, CEO of Star Robotics

In this podcast episode, Angel Alejandre, founder of Star Robotics, discusses starting the company in 2016, the development of their Watchbot robot, and the impact of AI on their products. He also highlights future trends in robotics, their international projects, and their current crowdfunding campaign on Sego Finance. Don’t miss it!

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The Robotics and Automation Podcast with Javier Miguélez

Javier Miguélez on the Evolution of Mobile Robotics: Insights and Future Trends

Dive into the fascinating world of mobile robotics with Javier Míguez, a seasoned expert in the field. This episode offers an exclusive look at the industry’s evolution, key challenges, and future advancements. Míguez shares his unique insights on the impact of AI, the significance of strategic project design, and the potential of robotics in various sectors. Don’t miss these valuable perspectives from a leading voice in robotics.

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Creating mobile robots as if building with LEGO bricks with Benedex

In this episode, join Benedex founders Snir and Tom as they discuss their innovative approach to mobile robotics. With the e-wheel, customers can build a mobile robotic platform with fast, flexible, and reliable performance. Snir and Tom share insights on building a mobile robot and the advantages of building it yourself versus buying something off the shelf. Tune in now!

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Podcast on the future of mobile robots with Beta Robots.

Exploring the Future of Mobile Robotics with Beta Robots

Discover the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly growing mobile robot industry with Oriol and Andreu, two founders of Beta Robots. Learn how Beta Robots provides turnkey solutions for clients’ needs with cutting-edge technologies. Listen now to stay ahead in the world of robotics!

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